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Company history

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From planning and filing to the completion of printed matter, printing must go through many procedures, combined with the professional skills of countless people, such as graphic designers, commercial photographers, copywriters, typewriters, artists, color separation technicians, printing technicians, Public workers, printing technicians, bookbinding, varnishing and various processing technicians, etc., without any one, can not successfully complete the printed matter, so they are all important contributors.




Hans International Printing Co., Ltd.

Hans Printing Specialist Mr. Huang Mobile 866 0910243496 Mail : han666@hanfom.com
4th Floor, No. 6, Lane 63, Huacheng Road, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City 242, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone: +886 2 29982117 +886 2 29982118  Special 566 Miss Xu  Fax: +886 2 2998-6588
Home FTP File Upload File Account : hans@hans-p-d.com.tw Password : 29982  
Line ID @hans.co 公司  line://ti/p/@hans.co 


  We assist many enterprises and organizations in the integrated planning and production of printed materials, focusing on providing comprehensive printing integration services, helping you think more, do more, and win more under limited time and money.



● In May 1975, Qiaojiang Printing Co., Ltd. was established.


● In February 1980, Voltaire Design Advertising Company was established.


● Established in 1982, it fully adopts 8 Macintosh and 4 PC computer equipment of the most innovative types in the industry.


● In 1988, it also had a printing platform, a scanning color separation machine, a screen output, and a laser color printer.


● In 1992, we integrated customer quality requirements, imported cultural paper to reduce costs, and strictly controlled the printing process.


● In 1995, the website of Hans International Printing Co., Ltd. was established and the joint enterprise was established. The printing target was transparent plastic printing silver foil UV printing and iron sheet printing.



● In May 1997, it applied for Hans International Printing Co., Ltd. Combined with a variety of the most advanced printing machine manufacturers, the main joint printing requirements to improve quality and reduce costs.


● In the 2012 th year of the Republic of China, business items, transparent packaging box printing, PET transparent packaging printing, silver foil packaging box and iron sheet printing were added.


● In the 2013 Yangyang Free Advertising Website was established in 101. It mainly provides customers with a free online advertising and online classified advertising service platform. It has the latest SEO technology to make your products or services easily searchable and increase your advertising exposure. and keywords. http://www.y-yang.com.tw/html/ad/list.php


● In 2015 the Huaguoshan Information Website was established to allow people to share the plants and environmental protection on the earth, and to gather all kinds of flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees, and Chinese herbal medicines from all over the world for inquiries. http://www.huaguo.url.tw/index.php


● In 2014 the Hans printing website was expanded and reorganized, aiming at the year-end reward for customers (more than 1 million year-end reward 0.03) as a company.


● In 2016 years of the Republic of China, Hans's personnel were reorganized. On October 16th, the shareholders were replaced and Zhang was in charge of domestic business (an annual increase of more than 1 million yuan and a year-end feedback of 0.03) to a company.


in 2017  http://www.hanfom.com/index.php, serving customers in the south of Taoyuan and north of Hsinchu (specializing in carton, PVC box, section cloth printing, paper bag printing and various processing printing) new 5% discount on customer cartons.


● In 2018, the company expanded personnel to strengthen quality and computer equipment, increased business volume and talent training, and made major resolutions of the board of directors to achieve business goals.http://www.hanfom.com/ 


● In 2019, the company expanded personnel to strengthen quality and computer equipment, provided personnel training for supervisors, departments and all employees, and sales personnel improved sales performance. Website optimization, increase new customers.


● On 2020-11-20, 109 years of the Republic of China, we expanded our business and moved to the 4th floor, No. 179, Touqian Road, Xinzhuang District. We thank customers and manufacturers for their support and love. We improve our quality and strengthen our internal self-requirements. 2019 Customized board games for professional board game cards, bringing together Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, France, Australia. Customized board game production in mainland China.


● On 2021-11-20, 2020, the new business marketing department was expanded, and the main reason for expanding the business was to improve profitability. Thanks to customers and manufacturers for their support and love, we also improved the quality of the folded scriptures at the beginning of the year. We welcome more than 100 custom-made scriptures and Tibetan script to make and print.


● On 2022-1-20, 111 years of the Republic of China, we began to print for foreign customers. Currently, we have the United States, Canada, France, and Australia. Thank customers and manufacturers for their support and love, and also add an English version and a Japanese version of the mobile phone board website. https://www.printhan.com/home.jsp



  With 36 years of professional experience, the main business is: carton printing, book printing, printing plate making, design and arrangement, industrial and commercial photography, imported paper, glazing and binding (all kinds of printing companies are welcome to work on behalf of peers)



Types of printing items

Packaging boxes : packaging color boxes, laser carton boxes, corrugated boxes, handbags, gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, cosmeceutical boxes, toy boxes, tea boxes, gift boxes, and food boxes.

Book category : book printing, catalog printing, magazine printing, novel printing, comics printing, children's book printing, monthly magazine printing, monthly magazine printing, school magazine printing, instruction manual, graduation album printing.

Sutra books : printing of folded books of sutras, printing of Buddhist books of sutras, Tibetan printing, printing of bibles, printing of copybooks of sutras, printing of bible paper, printing of round-backed and flat-backed hardcovers of sutras.

Board games : game cards, playing cards, board game puzzle games, board game card boxes, board game card sets, board game cards, board game card boxes, bridge towers, tarot cards, magic cards, bridge cards, Plastic game cards, posters, Monopoly games, hard boxes, PVC boxes, book boxes, hardcover boxes, wet paste boxes, handmade boxes, card making, brocade boxes, 3D card printing, 3C paper cards, standing cards on the table, hard The gift box is made according to the customized printing of the customer.

Hand-made boxes : glasses box printing, computer box printing, medical box printing, floor box printing, upper and lower box printing, tea box printing, cosmetic box, magnet box printing by hand.

Puzzle category : children's puzzle printing, landscape puzzle printing, jigsaw puzzle printing, folio 1000 pieces, folio 500 pieces, folio 260 pieces, 8 pieces 300 pieces, chrysanthemum 8 pieces 180 pieces, 16 pieces 100 pieces, 3 pieces 150 pieces, A4 Size 200 pieces, 25 pieces, according to customer's customized size.

Catalog category : catalog printing, poster printing, DM printing, leaflet printing, menu printing, brochure printing, catalog design, notebook, and manual printing.

Tote bag : copper paper tote bag printing, cowhide tote bag printing, PP tote bag printing, gold and silver foil tote bag printing, tote bag printing, environmental protection tote bag printing, copper Sika 200 lb tote bag printing,

Stickers categories : transfer stickers, PVC stickers, laser stickers, gold and silver stickers, copper stickers, product stickers, semi-adhesive stickers, transparent stickers, canned stickers.. OEM.

Card category : tag printing, elevator printing, cardboard, thick card printing, invitation card printing, postcard printing, modeling elevator printing, back card printing, business cards... printing and manufacturing.

Transparent PVC : Transparent packaging box printing, PVC box printing, PTE box printing, PP box printing, Ray color box printing, gold and silver box printing, aluminum foil box printing, L-shaped transparent folder printing.

Satin printing : satin printing, leather-filled cloth printing, nylon cloth printing, mattress printing, synthetic paper sticker printing, transparent sticker printing, all kinds of cloth printing.

Carton printing : corrugated carton, white E corrugated carton, kraft corrugated carton, industrial carton, five-layer corrugated carton, three-layer corrugated carton, fruit carton, special corrugated paper OEM.

Paper card printing : laser card, black card, pearl card, aluminum foil card, PVC / PET / PP, thick paper card printing, handmade box, threading tag paper card, special art paper printing.

Office supplies : computer report paper, carbon copy sheets, kraft envelopes, three or four sheets, envelope letterhead printing, official envelope printing, form printing, note paper, and business card printing.

Design and printing : catalog design, poster design, book design, tag design, construction site landscape canvas, corporate image CIS design, overall marketing planning, Internet marketing keywords

Commercial photography : product photography, outdoor photography, clothing photography, wedding photography, gem photography, model photography, food photography, industrial and commercial video, CD production design planning.

Tin printing : tea cans, biscuit boxes, toy boxes, pencil boxes, gift boxes, 305 tin cans, easy-open cans, tinplate printing, commonly known as tin boxes, and tin cans.

Display box : paper display stand, paper shelf, paper display box (CBS), paper display stand, paper display stand, paper cake stand, paper display stand, paper shelf, vertical paper display stand (CFR), tray type paper display stand (TFD), Hook Paper Shelves (PHS), Paper Stacking Display Stands (CPS), Paper Stands, Paper Billboards (AD), Paper Display Boxes, PDQ Display Boxes (CCS), Paper Tote Bags, Gift Paper Bags (PB), (BR), Wine Labels and Label Hangtags (LB)

Large picture output : color canvas, poster hanging scroll, construction site landscape canvas + construction, floor canvas, Kanto flag, stand-up display rack, poster POP, photo paper, cloth flag, pearl-mounted version, advertising canvas, double-transparent cloth strip, upright flag , hand-waving flags, light box advertising, easy-to-pull display stands, advertising billboards, UV-single transparent cloth, UV-matte semi-permeable adhesive, art canvas production.